Peach Medical Labs Marketing Report 2022

Program Success Data Points:

January 19th 2022 - March 19th 2022

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Digital Marketing Program & Asset Outline

The marketing system used for Peach Medical Labs revolves around 3 important factors.

1. A Strong Website Foundation:

  • A significant amount of resources have gone into developing a high-performance website designed for increased traffic and conversion. The platform is continuously improving based on the data collected by our team on a daily basis.
    An UX-based approach means intuitive design with images and elements known to make the user experience engaging and enriching, which in turn attracts and converts more visitors into customers.

2. A Strong Online Marketing Strategy:

  • Handling the digital marketing strategy means targeting a wide range of industry-specific niches to reach the ideal clientele for Peach Medical Labs, generating better quality leads in the process. This is achieved by boosting the ranking and positioning of pages within the website as well as creating several trust-building posts and high quality backlinks. These links are one of the most important factors in web rankings, so we make a priority of actively managing and diversifying them each month, for an effective link building plan that will result in strong positioning in search engines.

    Our comprehensive list of SEO tools make it easier for visitors to find Peach Medical Labs through the optimization of blog posts, images, content, headers and more. This makes the search engine more likely to select Peach Medical Labs as the top result for their query. That's why any new content is optimized as soon as it's added to the website.

3. A Solid Lead Generation Process:

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Paid Advertising

Off-Site SEO

Sometimes you need something stronger to boost up a secondary site or your backlinks, and one way to do that is to send homepage links to them.

  • We go out and build a new mini-authority sites every time. These sites are already established and have authority, which means higher traffic and visibility.
  • With the use of link boosters we boost second tier properties (your current backlinks). By supercharging the links on the site, we're delivering more power to the authority site, channeled through your second tier. It may sound confusing, but we expertly manage link building and it really makes a difference!

Marketing Roadmap:
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